11:48pm 15/11/2013

I loved you when I was fourteen years old and six years later I still love you now, life changes, people grow up and apart. That’s inevitable, but love is love sometimes it’s fake, forced apon or just not really there. Sometimes love lasts a lifetime, sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s damaging, most of the time it’s unconditional. On average worldwide 4,000+ people get married, 2000+ people will loose their virginity and 2000+ teenagers will experience their first kiss today. Comfortable is something I’ve always felt around you. Regardless of time, place or circumstance. Our lips have kissed thousands of times and each time I still get more nervous than a deer in headlights. Hundreds of sleepless nights and countless drunken phone calls or cab rides to each others door. From school, bikes and busses to careers, licences and cars. From bad haircuts, bad music taste and terrible fashion sense to grown up completely and every little thing in between, you’ve always been the one I’ve wanted to come home too, there’s been other dates and people over the years here and there but ultimately six years seems like a long time to be certain, I think I can finally say you’re the one for me.